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1. ZN23-40.5KV 33KV 3 phase indoor Handcart Type Vacumm Circuit recloser
ZN23-40.5 series handcart type indoor vacuum circuit breaker is rated voltage 40.5kA, three-phase AC 50Hz indoor high-voltage electrical equipment.
Apply to industrial and mining enterprises, substation and transmission and distribution systems for control and protection switching; particularly suitable for metallurgy, electric arc steel-making industries, etc. frequent operation required, as a control and protection equipment.
This product meets the GB 1984-89 “AC High Voltage Circuit Breaker” standard.
2.Parameter of ZN23-40.5KV VCR
NOItemUnitsTechnical parameters
1Rated voltagekV40.5
2Thunder impulse withstand voltage(peak value)kV185
3lmin industrial frequency withstand voltagekV95
4Rated frequencyHz50
5Rated currentA1250,1600,2000
6Rated short-circuit break currentkA2531.5
7Rated peak value withstand currentkA2531.5
8Rated peak value withstand currentKA6380
9Rated short-circuit duration times4
10Rated short circuit breaking timems
11Rated short circuit closing currentkA80
12Rated operation order
13Time of closing brakems50~85
14Time of breaking brakems40~85
15Rated short-circuit current break and close timesTimes20
16Mechanical life-spanTimes10000
17Rated dropout current of condenser bankA630
18Rated power of energy-storage electric machineW275
19Rated volt of energy-storage motorV25 ± 2
20Storage timeS≤15
21Closing and opening solenoid rated voltageV≈220,110
22Loss of pressure tripping device rated voltageV≈220,110
23Over current tripping device rated currentA5
24Auxiliary switch rated voltage currentADC10
3.Working application
Amplitude: earthquake intensity does not exceed 8 °,
Air relative humidity on average less than 95%, on average less than 90%
An ambient air temperature: to +40 °C, the lower limit of -150°C,
Altitude:. ≤ 1000m (For higher altitudes, the rated insulation board level relative increase)
No risk of fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.
4.Technical drawings
5. Certificate of products
6. Production line review

7. FAQ
1. How to order?
- Contact with our sales and let her make you PO.
2. Production date and Lead time
- Generally 3-10 days upon order confirmation. if special need, contact us.
3.Life span
- Two years quality guarantee, some products will be extended longer time for life span.
8.Contact us
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