Secondary Treatment

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MBBR treatment use Biological Membrane System basic principle, fully use activated sludge process advantage, in the meanwhile, overcomes the traditional activated sludge method and stationary biofilm method disadvantages. By adding a certain number of suspended carriers to the reactor, this method greatly improved the reactor treatment efficiency.
MBBR treatment main feature:
MBBR process has the advantages of traditional fluidized bed and the biological contact oxidation process. it's a new and efficient sewage treatment method, the key point of MBBR treatment is developed a new type biological stuffing, whose proportion is close to water, and can move together with water when have tender mix, it have features of more suitable for microbial adsorption growth, has strong application, wide application range, not only can remove organic matter, but also can remove nitrogen and phosphorus; not only can be used for new wastewater treatment plant, but also can used to upgrade exist wastewater treatment plant.
MBBR treatment advantages:
1. Save occupied area, increase the sewage treatment capacity by 2-3 times, and improve the effluent quality greatly;
2. Resistant high impact, performance stable and operation reliable;
3. Mixing and aeration system is easy to operate and maintain;
4. There is no blockage problem in biological tank, the volume of biological tank is fully utilized, and there is no dead Angle;
5. Flexible and convenient;
6. Long life span;Secondary Treatment
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